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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Win More Than Just Politics, A Reflection of the Changing Culture

Some thoughts to ponder in light of the defeat of conservative candidate, Romney. The loss in my opinion is as the post says, cultural. We say we support conservative values, yet our society celebrates all kinds of departure from those values....look at our television shows, movies, magazines.....We tolerate births without marriage, sex as entertainment, drunkenness as an expected social ritual, and encourage bullying of Christians, and any connection to Christian beliefs and practices.

 From comments on Michelle Malkin's blog, 


  1. Comment by J.J. Sefton,
    Unfortunately, we are going to have to face the sad truth that the country is lost. There just is no getting around that very horrific, sobering reality. The only thing of any consolation I can think at this time is, however dark things may be ahead of us, my mother somehow managed to survive 15 months of hell on this earth in the death camps. Now that I write that, the path we are on here in my beloved America could one day take that tragic turn.
    This post from someone on Ace really hits the nail on the head:
    Our problems are with the culture, and politics is downstream from that. Liberals figured this out a long time ago and took over the institutions which create public opinion and move the culture in their direction.

    They are now reaping the political rewards of that. They have bought off the people with cash benefits, absolution for immoral behavior, and blaming others (like the rich) for personal failings. Conservatism is a better philosophy for a civil society but we are no longer a civil, moral people.
    We tell people they must work hard and take responsibility for themselves, and great reward will follow. That is true but the liberals are offering them a shorter (false) path. Just vote for more goodies and avoid accountability for one’s own life. It will all fail in the end but it works for quite some time.
    Trying to find the perfect set of candidates won’t matter going forward. The media will portray anyone we put forth as a greedy, uncaring bastard who is out of touch with the needs of the people. They already have the template ready, they just plug in the new names.
    Huge areas of the country are lost to us, like California. No matter how ridiculous it gets, people keep electing Democrats. There is no accountability for failure because failure is always conveniently blamed on someone else. Capitalism, rich people, what have you. Obama has escaped responsibility for his failures as well.
    Facts, figures, history, empirical evidence don’t matter to these people. They don’t even want to know any of that. They are culturally predisposed to prefer bigger and more intrusive government because they believe it will make their lives easier. More time for them to sit around. The cost in dollars and loss in freedom is of no concern.

    The coming fiscal collapse may wake people up, who knows. Until then I think we are f****d.
    Well, we are still alive and kicking. And where there is life there is hope. And I believe that somehow, G-d in His mercy will deliver us from this nightmare. It will be a long, painful journey but we will be ultimately delivered. Until that time, I am frightened to death of what lays ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Business & Democrate Love Affair

     As a child of blue collar workers who voted for Democrats most of their lives, I struggle with clarifying why I do not feel this loyalty. Am I missing something? After reading an article in The Washington Examiner by Timothy P. Carney, I understand how the Democrats' dishonestly play to the grassroots while partnering with big businesses.

     Here is the link to this article.

     At least Republicans are open about their connections to business. Big businesses like monopolies, they do not want competition. And who best to take care of that pesky competition? Why of course, a strong centralized state that can regulate the competition out. Does it also cost the company that has the monopoly a great deal? Yes, but that is nothing compared to the fact that they can corner their market. Does government win? Yes, because they have power and money.
      So all you good liberals out there have backed the wrong horse. I'm not saying life will get all that much better under a conservative, but there is more honesty and at least a chance to succeed under a conservative. These is no chance under the kind of leadership the Democratic party has now, greedy power hungry people who only want to insure their own future.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama Opportunist, Real Problem Wrong Solution

     We have a healthcare problem in this country, but Obamacare is not the solution. Obama and his cronies just took a real problem and used it, partnered with vigilate like public opinion, to put their political philosophy in place as law.
     This needs to be said. Obama believes in healthy smart people.  He and his political allies are putting a healthcare system in place to reflect their world view of population control.  If you are not strong mentally or physically, you  are expendable. Abortion, healthcare rationing, governing boards making decisions on personal healthcare...these are Obama's solutions.
      What really motivates Obama is the belief that he and his cronies are smarter than everyone else, and are better suited to make day to day decisions for their constituents.  This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as the more responsibility that is relinquished to those like Obama in charge of the government, the more we lose confidence in our own ability to handle life's problems. That is why tyrants continue to take over countries. They are able to convince the masses that they are better at handling your day to day problems.  And, for the most part, unless motivated by need, most are just lazy enough to give the responsibility away.
     What we really needed was pursuit of corruption in our healthcare industry.  Over billing for services and drugs, unneeded test run in the name of avoiding malpractice, lawsuit abuse, monopolies, lack of accountability...these are some of the problems that needed addressing. Obama care simply took the power that has be usurped by the insurance companies and gave it to the federal government. So the individual is still left out. What we needed was for the doctor and patient to be put back in charge of his personal health. What we got was more bloated bureaucrats added to the mix.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pole Dancing of American Politics

Everyday Americans are inundated with polling information. Is this information reliable? Helpful? Why are poles so popular? For me, polling is whimsical like bi-polar mood swings. We take a pole like we take our temperature trying to get pregnant. Is today the day? Is this the correct information? Time?

 If anything, the polling reflects how good the propaganda machines have done that day. If people are going to vote based on polling, then our country is screwed! It is vigilantism...mob rule. Whatever emotional response we have today governs us instead of real information, reasoned facts, and common sense conclusions.

Our founders tried to protect us from this with a balance of power built into our American system, but they never envisioned mass media.  Sadly, questions, groups, tone, etc. can lead people to the answers a pollster wants, and if we trust the information spewed by these polls, we will be misled.

The only place to put trust is in one's own opinion, but in these days of poll dancing, we have to be very courageous and vigilant to stay true.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama as the Ultimate Capitalist, 2012 a Pivital Point, the End and the Beginning

When did we become a nation of limited possibilities? Where many feel they can do no better than live off the government? When a presidential candidate points that out, it becomes fodder for their opponent. If embracing government programs is what our population wants, the country I have know is gone. I don't care if you like Romney or not, if he does not win this election, we will be a different country than the one that has inspired so many to come here because of hope and change that it has always offered. Obama did not begin hope and change in the US. It has been here always as a beacon to the world. He is the ultimate capitalist...borrowing our heritage and marketing it for his own personal gain.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Intolerance in the Name of "Fighting for Tolerance"

When I see the New Black Panthers strutting around saying they are going to disrupt the Republican convention, I see the slave master with a whip in his hand. The road to tolerance of ideas is a hard one to walk, and it even took the Civil Rights Movement for America to perfect the idea. None of us really like opposing ideas when we think we are right. And human instinct, in knee jerk fashion, tells us to stop the one who disagrees with us by any means.

Tolerance of ideas had rooted two centuries of greatness in America. Immigrants withstood terrible conditions to come here and not be victimized by the intolerance of their home country.  Americans and new citizens had that in common, our goal of being a melting pot of all ideas.

Yet for several decades intolerance has become the norm in the name of tolerance. Violence and threats are used against those that do not think alike. These are the tools of despots, not tolerant free people But that is what we see daily. Why do we seem to have a bullying problem all the way down to our elementary schools?

I believe the intolerance starts at the top, and is encouraged, because you cannot divide and conquer if you cannot find reasons for division.  So issues that could be worked out by reasonable men become fodder for firing up constituents for political gain.

We are no longer electing wise men who care about the ideals of this country. Our new leaders are men who focus on their own vision, not the ones that made this country great. That is why Reagan resonated with so many. He was a dreamer, and he loved the dreams of his fathers....the founding fathers. My plea is that those at the top address the intolerant vigilantism, call it out for what is is and rise above it. A whole new generation is watching.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Decline of American Made Thanks to Washington

 As a small factory owner in USA for over 30 years, I have watched the drama of the decline of American manufacturing with particular interest. I found an article that stated that Washington was dumbfounded by the lost of America factories due to moving plants to other countries. DC politicians padded their own pocket and ignored the fatal blows in union demands, trade agreements, regulations, and taxes, so I find it hard to believe they are "dumbfounded".  They have sold this country out for a few pieces of silver. See this commentor's words below.

Full article at Financial Times, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b64abc56-e2d5-11e1-bf02-00144feab49a.html?ftcamp=published_links%2Frss%2Fworld_us_politics%2Ffeed%2F%2Fproduct#axzz23QrGt4Si

From commentor:
Washington is not confounded. They cannot acknowlege the truth that the global economy has changed the world.

The U.S. has only five percent of the world's population. Once upon a time, most of the world's wealth and manufacturing was controlled by us. In the past two decades, unions, politicians and bureaucrats have expressed anger, shock, and dismay about the outsourcing of jobs.

Why they did not see it coming is what is confounding. 

Consider these events. The outsourcing of the textile industry from the northeast U.S. to the South. While not what might be considered outsourcing, the reality it was just that. Textile mills started to migrate to the south in the early/mid 1900s. The move was to greener pastures where they could escape the collective bargaining and potential strikes of the unions. The Southerners were willing to work for lower wages. The south "imposed" lower taxes. And business overhead was generally lower in the South.

Eventually the move became a mass exodus, and the few mills that remained in cities such as Fall River, New Bedford, Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill, etc., could not compete against those who migrated to the South. Those who tried to operate in the North died slow lingering deaths.

Stage II of outsourcing. Foreign competition developed. It had the same advantages that the South had offered to the northern textile mills decades earlier, lower wages, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and lower overhead. The advent of modern shipping and communications made it possible for overseas operations to offer the same products at a lower prices and better products for the same prices as the American competition. When the textile industries moved their operations offshore, so did the clothing manufacturers. 

Before the textile manufacturing left the US, the electronic manufacturing was all but gone. Most of our radios, televisions, recorders, calculators, and later computers had been outsourced to offshore manufacturing. 

The same happened in the footwear industry, and the furniture industry.

Then came the WTO and the initial fair trade pacts, GATT, NAFTA, etc. and the howling began in earnest. See Ross Perot, and that "giant sucking sound". While Perot was correct, that giant sucking sound should have been heard decades earlier.

What politician in his right mind would dare to acknowlege the truth that manufacturing in the U.S. was in serious trouble because they had imposed regulations and taxes on businesses that made it all but impossible for them to produce their goods in the country, and compete in the world market place. Did I forget to mention the impact of existing wages? Businesses had a choice. Stay here and suffer the fate of the textile industry, or move offshore where they could compete and survive.

As foreign countries developed and grew, their residents' finances improved, and they became consumers. Here's where the "we are five percent of the world's population" comes into play.

Initially, we were even less than five percent of the world's population, but we consumed a disproportionate percent of the world's goods. We consume a smaller percent of the world's goods today. Our percent of consumption will continue to shrink as other countries economies grow. 

Eventually, equilibrium will be reached, and our percent of the world's consumption will be equal to our percent of the world's population. This begs the question. Are businesses going to target five percent of the world's population, or ninty-five percent of the world's population?

Some lament that businesses are prospering while the middle class is languishing. While that statement is true, it does not tell the entire truth. The middle class is languishing in most developed nations. However the labor in developing nations is the beneficiary of our languishing. While labor may currently work for the relatively low wages, those laborers are better off than they were yesterday. 

Human nature being what it is will see history repeat itself as the labor in developing countries, having a taste of financial improvement will begin to clamor for better wages, better working conditions, similar to what happened in America during the Industrial Revolution.

To put it bluntly, and truthfully, there is little the politicians can do to stem the tide. But, for them to acknowlege that is to commit political suicide. "A prophet is without honor in his own country." Scripture verse.

The bearer of bad news, or the truth, is rarely well received. 

Confounded? Not so much, as they are trying to protect their own hides.