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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama Win More Than Just Politics, A Reflection of the Changing Culture

Some thoughts to ponder in light of the defeat of conservative candidate, Romney. The loss in my opinion is as the post says, cultural. We say we support conservative values, yet our society celebrates all kinds of departure from those values....look at our television shows, movies, magazines.....We tolerate births without marriage, sex as entertainment, drunkenness as an expected social ritual, and encourage bullying of Christians, and any connection to Christian beliefs and practices.

 From comments on Michelle Malkin's blog, 


  1. Comment by J.J. Sefton,
    Unfortunately, we are going to have to face the sad truth that the country is lost. There just is no getting around that very horrific, sobering reality. The only thing of any consolation I can think at this time is, however dark things may be ahead of us, my mother somehow managed to survive 15 months of hell on this earth in the death camps. Now that I write that, the path we are on here in my beloved America could one day take that tragic turn.
    This post from someone on Ace really hits the nail on the head:
    Our problems are with the culture, and politics is downstream from that. Liberals figured this out a long time ago and took over the institutions which create public opinion and move the culture in their direction.

    They are now reaping the political rewards of that. They have bought off the people with cash benefits, absolution for immoral behavior, and blaming others (like the rich) for personal failings. Conservatism is a better philosophy for a civil society but we are no longer a civil, moral people.
    We tell people they must work hard and take responsibility for themselves, and great reward will follow. That is true but the liberals are offering them a shorter (false) path. Just vote for more goodies and avoid accountability for one’s own life. It will all fail in the end but it works for quite some time.
    Trying to find the perfect set of candidates won’t matter going forward. The media will portray anyone we put forth as a greedy, uncaring bastard who is out of touch with the needs of the people. They already have the template ready, they just plug in the new names.
    Huge areas of the country are lost to us, like California. No matter how ridiculous it gets, people keep electing Democrats. There is no accountability for failure because failure is always conveniently blamed on someone else. Capitalism, rich people, what have you. Obama has escaped responsibility for his failures as well.
    Facts, figures, history, empirical evidence don’t matter to these people. They don’t even want to know any of that. They are culturally predisposed to prefer bigger and more intrusive government because they believe it will make their lives easier. More time for them to sit around. The cost in dollars and loss in freedom is of no concern.

    The coming fiscal collapse may wake people up, who knows. Until then I think we are f****d.
    Well, we are still alive and kicking. And where there is life there is hope. And I believe that somehow, G-d in His mercy will deliver us from this nightmare. It will be a long, painful journey but we will be ultimately delivered. Until that time, I am frightened to death of what lays ahead.

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